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Step 1. Enter your username.

Step 2. Press the SEARCH button

Step 3. Watch the progress zip along at the speed of light-ish.

Step 4. Download the ZIP file that contains your snapmatic pictures.



At least, I assume ya'll gonna asks these questions

What does this tool do?

Snapmatic Backup Tool allows you to download the photos on Rockstars snapmatic page. All you need to do is enter a, preferably your own, username and wait for the server to tell you that it's done.

Who made this tool?

This guy did. (Hint: it's me!)

What is this queue message I see?

I allow 3 users per time to request a ZIP file of their pictures. It automatically queues you. Just leave the window open and check back in a couple of minutes.

Somehow the tool isn't working?

First, check to see if you're using Internet Explorer. If you are, switch to Safari, Chrome or Firefox.

Still not working...

Sorry. :( Send me a message on the Twitters here!

What happens behind the scenes?

The server first requests all your pictures and downloads these to a temporary folder. The server then zips these files, and provides you with a link.

Is this tool endorsed by Rockstar?

Nope. And don't count on it that it ever will.

I have a job for you

Aren't you in luck. Hit me up at:
me [atmarkgoeshere] brian [dothere] jp

How can I trust there is no virus in the .ZIP file?

I hate viruses as much as the next guy. However don't take my word for it, so be sure to run your own anti-virus on the file before opening it. Which isn't a bad practice to excercise, you know. If you do catch a virus I don't accept any liability blah blah. Use this tool at your own risk.

What is up with these advertisements on this website?

Servers aren't free. Running ads on the website pays the bills. Well, it doesn't really pay the bills but I like to pretend that it does.